Saturday, November 1, 2008


So I went trick or treating a princess with Lexie and Jonathan. After we went to a ton of houses and had a ton of candy we went back to Lexie's house for her halloween party. The party was a fear factor theme. I was sooooo creeped out about what we were gonna have to do. First, we had to go across the pool as fast as we could on a wooden board. Then we had to transfer live goldish from bowl to bowl witth our mouth. (eww!!!!) Neither me or Ashley would do it and I can't believe it, but Lexie did! Next, we had to stick our head in a thing filled with crickets for a minute and i did it! I was so freaked out though. Lexie did it too and she said it scared her more then the fish did. Jonathan was about 30 seconds in when he threw it across the yard and screamed. It was hilarious. Last we had to eat sardines and oysters. They tasted pretty nasty. Jonathan and Connor ended up winning and getting movie tickets. It was so much fun! :)


Jonathan said...

Well the party was a lot of fun. I wish i wasnt so wimpy lol.

Lexie Smith said...

when are you gonna post something new?